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Who Said What

Who Said What

All the reaction from a terrific day

Here's what some of those that ran or took part in Your Lightbulb Moment last year had to say about the success of the event:

Lisa Gagliani, former chief executive of Bright Ideas Trust
“Through Your Lightbulb Moment we are trying to reach out to lots of young people who may have fabulous talent and skills, but need a little route map into how to turn their ideas into either a good job search or starting their own business.”

Tim Campbell, founder of Bright Ideas Trust
"More young people are thinking about how they can take control of their lives. It’s about combining passion and talent with expertise and knowledge – and that is what Bright Ideas Trust is all about.”

Margaret Mountford, chairman of Bright Ideas Trust
“I heard lots of different business ideas and some of them were really exciting. They need a bit of work but that’s what Bright Ideas Trust is there for. Ideas don’t have to be brand new and different – they are ways in which people can work and support themselves and their families.
“Ideally, it should be something they enjoy because you have to work jolly hard when you start your own business.”

Camilla Drejer, corporate citizenship lead at Accenture
“The energy and creativity at the event was just amazing and I have absolutely no doubt that, through all the workshops and activities, we will have inspired hundreds of young people to take the next step to develop their talent or idea into something more tangible.”

Pink Addiction -  a perfume designed for the teenage market, Pink Addiction was among a number of exhibitors offering inspiration to attendees, having been formed with the help of Bright Ideas Trust and now selling its products exclusively in Harrods.
“I wouldn’t be where I am without Bright Ideas Trust,” said owner Nabila Ismail. “They believed in the product as much as I did and gave me the support I needed.”
Tim Campbell, founder of Bright Ideas Trust, said: “Nabila had researched her market and knew her customers to come up with this fragrance herself. I have no idea how someone does that on their kitchen table and then to single-handedly persuade the top store in the country to stock it. She is truly amazing."

Allana Ashmeil, a 23-year-old secondary school teacher from Wandsworth, pitched her idea for STL London – a space for talented youngsters to express themselves through performing arts.
“Margaret gave me real direction on the fact I needed to think about financing the idea and the steps I needed to take,” she said. “She didn’t think there was enough profit in it to make a full business but recommended I talk to my local MP to see what support there could be.”

Steven Divsu travelled from Somerset to pitch his idea for a fancy dress costume called Live Long and Cosplay, which he hopes to provide a cost-effective hire service to people wanting to act out scenes from their favourite movies.
“We want to provide a service where the costumes are properly screen accurate. We are looking both at importing and at making our own costumes and accessories here.”

Charlotte Rowland, a 23-year-old recent graduate in fine art from Croydon College, Charlotte pitched her idea for hand-drawn celebrity T-shirts, having already made a profit from selling them at her degree show.
“I have learned so much about myself from this T-shirt project,” said Charlotte. “I have met Eric Bana, Natalie Portman and Tracey Emin through developing this business idea – it has been a brilliant experience and I am definitely going into business.”

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Friday 17th October 2014
10.30am-2.30pm & 1.30pm-5.30pm

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